In a world comprising basically men and women, it’s rather strange that women remain an after- thought. But at Kowrk we have always understood and believed in gender parity and in the fact that more needs to be done to make the working women tread ahead with confident strides. This will ensure that that women continue to make a mark in a world which is still male dominated. More and more women are donning the multi-tasking garb, handling their home and profession with equal elan. The option of freelancing has opened the doors for women willing to make a professional comeback. Startups have also turned many gutsy ladies into entrepreneurs. But working from home or renting full office space are both options that have often been tried and not found viable, essentially because of the lack of work atmosphere in the former and cost factors involved in the latter. It is here that the importance of coworking places comes to the forefront. Typically, most coworking options are serving an 80 percent male market with most places addressing demands that are typical to the young male (like providing ping-pong tables and video games). But, with the advent of the suited and booted Xena’s into the workspace, female-focused spaces have become a niche in the industry as a response to these.

Women centric coworking spaces Kowrk

“Women are craving community, connection, and confidence, and that’s what we’re going to give them,” says Stacy Taubman, founder of Rise Collaborative, an upcoming coworking space in St. Louis which will offer its members, networking events, a book club, and a chance to mentorship. It is a heartening fact that women across the globe are finally joining hands to strengthen the working women’s community, providing the much needed guidance, support and camaraderie.

Joanna Bailey, founder and CEO of COTERIE Company, a female-focused coworking venture, feels that while their focus is on advancing the lives of women worldwide, they do appreciate and applaud inclusion. This type of an emancipated outlook is the only way forward in this world, where women are looking at equality and not disparity.

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Women centric coworking spaces are now a happy reality and one can expect to see more and more of such places opening in every corner of the world. To mention a few:

  1. The Wing (New York) The credo of The Wing is that ‘women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together’.
  2. SheWorks Collective (New York) The happy marriage between the comfortable atmosphere of ‘home’ with the conveniences of ‘office’ has given them their winning philosophy of providing a homely workspace to its members.
  3. New Women Space (Brooklyn, N.Y) A workspace for women where they can just ‘be’ themselves and work towards productivity. A space that ‘places the ambitions of women of all experiences at its center’.
  4. Hera Hub (Phoenix, Southern California, Washington, D.C., and Stockholm) The Mission Of ‘Hera Hub’ states that it aims to ‘provide entrepreneurial women with a productive, professional work and meeting space, where they can connect with a like-minded community to collaborate and flourish’.
  5. Woolf works (Singapore) Woolf Works is Singapore’s first women-only coworking space. It justifiably prides itself in being a place to work, connect and grow with fellow women entrepreneurs.
  6. WMN (Israel) Providing a community, a coworking space and ecosystem for women in Tel Aviv, their mission is to be ‘a game changer by significantly increasing the number of female founders in the industry and bridging the gender gap in the startup ecosystem’.

Good things seem to be just round the corner for working women the world over with more and more liberated ladies leading from front and providing support to those who wish to join this bandwagon.