Oh, so you wear tennis shoes…

Please tell me more about the matches you’ve played in.

Has anyone asked you this? Have you ever listen to someone for a while and wondered asking…”who ties your shoelaces for you”

Our foot ware style tells a lot about our fashion sense. But do you know it also tells a lot about your coworking style?

So tell us What kind of shoes do you wear to work and we will tell you your coworking style.


What kind of shoes do you wear to work Kowrk


Made your selection? Here is your coworking style based on your footwear selection:

– Shiny & polished: In Control, Professional, Best at Private Offices

– Slippers: Comfort above all, you will thrive at a hot desk or private office

– Style Matters: Wear it to show it at dedicated desks

– Chic & Comfy: comfortable yet stylish, Works at all places – hot desk, dedicate desk or private office

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