We have identified 4 distinct types of personalities of people who work at coworking spaces. Team Kowrk’s experiences of helping many startups and freelancers find office spaces have also enabled us to match these personalities with different styles of coworking i.e. membership types. So read on to match your personality traits with the coworking style that best fits you

The Traditional Worker

People have been amazed with your passion to work. You have been the person in the team who value rules and is driven by deadlines. You look for stability and order in things around you. You might have been called a bit OCD behind your back, but you know that structure is critical for success :-)

Private offices will provide you the environment to flourish at work.

Find out these at :Vantage Business Centre – Hong Kong, AccessWork Business Centre – Mumbai, India, and The Co – Singapore

coworking personality

The Congenial Worker

You are the ‘rock’ of your team – the one who keeps it all together. Though you are a people’s person, you enjoy the company of people in your inner circle. You don’t hesitate in (re) defining rules. You are known to make things comfortable for everyone around you.

Having a dedicated desk space at coworking spaces will create your own ‘zone’.

Some awesome spaces offering these desks are: The Farm Soho – NewYork , We are all coworking – Berlin, 360Creative Innovation Hub – Lagos

coworking personality

The Cool & Calm Worker

You are the ‘chilled’ one with your own unique style. Though you like to socialize now and then, ‘Me’ time is sacred for you. Rules are followed as long as they don’t cause too much inconvenience to you and those around you. You strive to do things efficiently at your own pace.

Change of scenery will increase your productivity by two fold. So try different flexi or hot desks.

Many different options can be found at:  Grappus coworking Gurgaon, Workhaus Market Toronto,  and Advant Edge Business Centre DC, USA.

coworking personality

The Quirky Worker

You are the ‘life’ of the office! Rules don’t define you, you define the rules. You work because you want to. You go with the flow and take life as a never ending adventure. So what if your clock runs an hour late from the rest, your work speaks for you.

Break the monotony of your workspace by using day passes at different coworking spaces, such as- Downtown Works, San Diego, Outpost Bali, and Co Work Hub – London

coworking personality

So which of these traits do you identify with? Remember, if you can’t find a space to match your coworking personality, Team Kowrk is here to help. Just tell us what are you looking for here.

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