Few are lucky to find a job they love and that is one of the things that Archana Kedia from The Daftar is very lucky about.

She is the Centre Leader and Co-Team Member at The Daftar, Pune. Archana was introduced to the coworking scene in 2015 and followed it for about a year before joining The Daftar. She is incharge of all the three centres in Pune, taking care of the upkeep of the infrastructure and the smooth running of all the centres. She feels are role is that of a bridge between the activities that have to be conducted for the members and the organisation itself.

When speaking of the challenges she faces, Archana says that “Challenges (are) an opportunity to do more and learn more.” Archana feels that she on a learning curve, as this is her first community role and she has a long way to go. The most challenging part of her role is that she wears “many hats” and has to learn how to take charge of and handle multiple scenarios.

Coworking is all about community building and Archana and her team feel that establishing a team spirit is of utmost importance. The organisations agenda aligns with the fact that they have to be there for their members no matter what.

As a coworking space they are not just about providing a service but also creating an experience for the members that will make them go “wow”. Every month, Archana would organise an event that they call “Happy Hours” where they pick a theme for the month and create an event around it so that new and existing members can connect with each other and allow members to take the load off.

Its unsurprising why Archana loves her job. And because she loves what she does, it doesn’t seem burdening. She likes feeling accountable and responsible for the spaces she is looking after as it adds to the experience of delivering better services to her members.

The Daftar

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