Co-founder and CCO of The Desk, Oscar Venhius started this coworking venture in 2016 June, where his main role is identifying their UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and focusing on Innovation and Idea generation. Oscar believes that these two components are crucial to the heart of the business values and is what sets them apart in terms of competition.

When asked about challenges, Oscar says that there is a whole list of things that contribute to running a challenging and competitive business but at the moment there are two most important ones that are crucial to their business.

The first is building a great team and finding the right talent in Asia as they plan to expand their business to other parts of Asia, which certainly is not unique to their business. The second and most important is the business expansion without imploding the business. He feels that timing is crucial to a success and that steep business growth can do more harm than good.

Coworking is all about helping others achieve their goals, which means that Oscar and his team have often gone out of their way to help not just their members but also anyone who needs it. Team The Desk has often helped members introduce themselves to local businesses and build a client base or help them find accountants and managerial professionals to guild the members working at The Desk.

The creative and competitive environment contributes to Oscar’s passion for the coworking industry. He believes that they truly can change the way people Cowork. According to Oscar, the coworking industry is at a crossroads where the fashion in which people work is constantly changing, especially in terms of how people collaborate, share information and how space is used.

Oscar feels that coworking contains “all those really exciting ingredients” as the industry is a new and a lot of innovation is taking place which is what keeps Oscar excited about his work. We commend the great you are doing Oscar and hope you will continue to spread the positive vibes.

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