In Episode 6 of Unsung Sheroes of Coworking spaces, we spoke to Pete, Event Manager at Punspace, a coworking space in Thailand. As Punspace was founded by his friends, he watched the company grow and after working for a couple of years in the financial sector, he left his job in Bangkok to join Punspace. Since the company is small in terms of size, as they are about a team if 10 spanned across 3 branches, Pete employs himself wherever he can.

His job mainly entails, managing the events in the coworking space but, he also helps out in other parts like building and managing a client base, communicating with people who want to use their space and help foreign members plan their trips.

When managing a coworking space there are many challenges they face. One of them is quite unusual and funny. Since Thailand experiences a hot climate, one is bound to sweat a lot and they have to deal with “smelly people”. Find a way to indirectly tell them to shower and maintain communal hygiene can be quite challenging as no one likes being told to shower because they’re smelly.

They have even installed showers in their coworking space so that the members can take a shower while at work.

Coworking is all about community and helping out members of the space. Pete and his team have often helped out foreign members with 40 to 50 people teams, look for hotels that are close to their location, as per the members requirements.

Pete joined Punspace one and a half year ago, and the opportunities to experience and explore the coworking space is what make him come to work every day. Even though he had to move everything from Bangkok to Chang Mai, he feels it was worth the move as he gets to network and meet people from different parts of the world.

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