Innov8 Coworking’s Chief Community Office (CCO) Shraddha Sanal spoke to us about her experience in working in a coworking industry.

She has been working in the start-up ecosystem for the past few years, typically around the boom of the start-up trend. Shraddha has been working for Innov8 Coworking for more than a year, as her job involves working within and beyond the coworking community. She has done everything from building the network and partnerships across several industrial segments; so that the co-worker can benefit from these, to activity driven bigger scale events.

Shraddha feels that coworking is an amalgamation of a lot of challenges because it involves dealing with people and as a community head, people management skills are of utmost importance. Problems tend to pile up when working for different people with different mindsets. She admits that it is challenging to manage people as everyone has different attributes, thought processes and bringing them on the same page or catering to their needs is just part of that challenge.

Talking about how Shraddha has gone the extra mile to ensure that the members needs are catered to, she says that their coworking members are regarded as family. Shraddha mentions that they give the members the liberty to bring their kids to work, in case they have no one to take care of them at home. The community will offer to look over the kids while the members can carry on their work. The same goes for people who leave their pets alone at home because they have no one to take care of them. She believes that if the members feel that their personal needs have been taken care of, the members would feel at ease and be able to concentrate on their work.

What Shraddha Loves most about her job at Innov8 is that she has the freedom and liberty to learn and experiment with a number of things she would otherwise not be able to do. She says that her job gave her the opportunity to grow and challenge herself whether it is in marketing or operational. And also, the people who she works with that make her job feel prestigious.

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