Swithen Thomas, Community Manager at Incuspaze spoke to us in Episode III of Unsung Sheroes, where he tells us about how as a community manager he and his team try to build brand awareness and provide tailor-made experiences to each member of their coworking space

As a community manager, he looks after the back-end operations and faces many challenges. He feels that understanding the needs of the customers and delivering as per the customer expectations and requirements is the most challenging part of his work.

According to Swithen, “the first step in success is to help others in achieving their goals” and being able to do that is the essence of Incuspaze. He has helped many startups by contributing and imparting useful advice and watching these startups grow exponentially under their roof.

One of the reasons why Swithen loves his job is because he gets to learn and understand from the problems of the members and that the team spirit, as well as the founders vision, makes him want to come to work every day.

The Unsung Sheroes at Coworking Spaces is a series that pays tribute to the hardworking erudite of coworking spaces. Follow their Journey as they tell you about how they tackle the challenges of running a coworking space and what brings them to work every day.



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