Kowrk.com presents to you Unsung Sheroes, a series where we interview the heroes behind the successful working of coworking spaces and share their experiences, the challenges they face and what it means to be a part of such a community. In Episode II of Unsung Sheroes where we spoke to Raman Chauhan, Co-Founder of Zen Coworks in New Delhi. He Joined the coworking space 3 years ago after spending 27 years in the energy and semi- conductor sector.

At Zen Coworks, they are engaged in managing the coworking community and servicing the clients through infrastructure, managing the relationships and bringing the coworking community together.

According to Raman, people talk about coworking as a community coming together. One of the major challenges they face is understanding the kind of work all their members do and connecting them to the right people through networking. Being able to help members by connecting them to other professionals working in the same space is important to Raman as a coworking space manager.

Zen Coworks caters to a number of working professionals, domestic as well as foreign, and being able to help them over and above the services they provide is the essence of a coworking community. Not just in terms of the kind of work the members are engaged in but also when reaching out to help in times of crisis.

Raman absolutely loves his job. Seeing people coming together and helping each other succeed as well as being able to overcome hurdles by receiving advice from other community members makes him feel that it was worth starting a new career.

We admire your hard work Raman, and wish you Good Luck. Tune in to Kowrk.com next time for another episode of Unsung Sheroes at Coworking Spaces.

If you have helped people at your coworking space and would like to share your experiences, submit your details here.

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