In Episode IV of Unsung Sheroes, we had a chat with Angela Chu from BLOOM Coworking in Hong Kong about how she manages the workspace along with her colleague.

She has been working as the Community Manager in Bloom from the initial stages and her role does not just include managing members but also acting as a connector, listening to the members needs and help them connect with each other to solve problems and manage social media platforms as well.

She says the most challenging part about managing the coworking space is juggling community management duties as well as routine administrative work as she works with one other colleague, with who she is managing the coworking space. She tried to promote a “green”’ initiative by urging the members to use paper cups.

Angela has often gone out of her way to help others, be it teaching a German member how to speak Cantonese, which is her native language or taking a member who was suffering from depression out to dinner and cheering her up. These small gestures are what makes you a hero, Angela.

Working in a coworking space may seem enriching and fun but Angela has been working at BLOOM Coworking since the beginning and says that initially since she was the only staff. Because of this she would feel lonely at times, but the members who came to work at BLOOM helped her overcome her loneliness and cheered her up. This makes her want to continue working at BLOOM Coworking and do a better job when it comes to servicing the members and taking care of their needs.

Unsung Sheroes at Coworking Spaces is a series that acknowledges the work put in by the community managers, who work through challenging tasks to make your coworking experience fruitful.

If you have helped people at your coworking space and would like to share your experiences, submit your details here.


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