In Episode 1 of Unsung Sheroes, we sat down with Ronak Bhandari, Founder of Mascots Cowork, for an exclusive chat about his experiences in running a coworking space and the unseen challenges faced by him.

After experiencing the problem of the unavailability of workspace for startups at night, he soon realized that this was a common problem faced by most people and set out to find solutions for the same. He and his team founded Mascots Cowork to provide spaces to budding startups, day and night, and form a collaborative community where professionals can exchange ideas.

When asked about the challenges faced, he says that building a strong community is the most challenging part of managing a coworking space. The coworking space revolves around the community managers ability to handle members issues and complains. According to him, member management is a complex and challenging part of what they do as a space provider and that gaining the loyalty of the members is what helps in building healthy coworking communities. The community strength determines the engagement of members.

Ronak also told us about an incident where he went the extra mile to help service the members of the coworking space, and how this helps in keeping the members happy and building a long-term relationship with them. When crisis strikes, he feels that it is important to repay the gratitude of members for their patience and understanding.

Looking back at the genesis of Mascots Cowork, Ronak says that they always had this one idea in mind, that community is the crux of coworking. Mascots’ hopes to live up to its tagline “Work Happily” by letting professionals focus of what is important to them, while they are able to service them in every other way they can, be it organising fun events and games, or community building activities. This is what makes Ronak come to work every day.

Kudos to Ronak for his dedication towards making coworking enjoyable. Follow our series Unsung Sheroes that celebrates the people behind the successful working of coworking spaces.

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