Hong Kong is a mature coworking market. Expansion of coworking spaces in Hong Kong is expected to grow more vertically in geo-hubs that already have a high concentration of coworking spaces. Team Kowrk predicts that coworking chains will be quick to horizontally expand to other less ‘coworked’ regions in the country. It is  predicted that more coworking spaces will pop up along the new South Island MTR line. Coworking in Hong Kong is set to grow further in 2018. If you are travelling to Hong Kong or just want to find a space which caters to your needs, the following list provides you with some of the coworking spaces which offer day passes at affordable rates to choose from.

1.Incu- Labspace: Incu-Labspace is the 1st non-government creative coworking space in Hong Kong. Soft-launched in Dec 2009 and officially launched in May 2010, for change-making entrepreneurs and innovators from various innovative fields to cross-over, work, mingle and create things together. The  4000 sq .ft. space provides you with the digital , social and design innovation and also understands that startup growth needs more than just space but also about knowledge transfer, know-how mentoring and community building.

Details: Online Information- http://kowrk.com/kospace/incu-labspace/

Day Passes start from HK$200.

2.Coffice Coworking: Coffice Coworking Space is fully-integrated with entrepreneurial ideas, information, meeting room, event space, networking platform and workstation. They aim at helping community base to develop their business ideas into actual projects and plans.

Coffice is right above the MTR station and hence very easily accessible. Great area for hot desking. You get access to support system for startups (lawyer, accountant etc) which is an added bonus at affordable rates.

Details: Online Information-http://kowrk.com/kospace/coffice-coworking-space/

Day Passes start from HK$150.

3.NeighborFarm: NeighborFarm is a multi-functional business centre which consists the elements of Coworking Space, Networking and potential commercial alliances. They advocate an ideal altruism commercial development full of social coherence and kindness. Furthermore, this coworking space strives to establish a platform for passionate and creative entrepreneurs. This enhances the interaction of business, sharing resources and ultimately team up to extend your career paths or alliances.

Details: Online Information-http://kowrk.com/kospace/neighborfarm-coworking-space/

Day Passes start from HK$200.

4.The Good Lab : The Good Lab is Hong Kong’s first Social Innovation hub. They believe in building a community of changemakers by providing capacity building courses and experimentation opportunities for the development of innovative ideas. They ignite interest and encourage collaboration between sectors to solve complex social and environmental problems through their Social Innovation Academy.

Details: Online Information-http://kowrk.com/kospace/the-good-lab-west-kowloon/

Day Passes start from HK$180.

5. Missolink : At Missolink, they share visions and work together with you towards your goal. It is a decent co-working workplace with an energetic network for start-ups and freelancers.This place is good for business and young entrepreneurs. Healthy and professional working environment is provided for your work.

Details: Online Information-http://kowrk.com/kospace/missolink/

Day Passes start from HK$180.

Looking for coworking spaces in Hong Kong? You can find all the options here!

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