The recent shift towards a sharing economy, has led to breaking of the traditional office leasing market with the hip, new, convenient trend of coworking spaces. This sharing economy is redefining physical space as a highly lucrative part of the service industry. The traditional notions of “private” and “public” space are eroding under this influence and technological advancement. It is only natural for the trend to extend further to sharing living spaces! Mobile working, declining housing affordability and yet a widespread desire to live well and centered within city vicinity are prompting more people to consider alternative housing models.

These two recent pillars of a sharing economy seem to stand apart from each other. But, what if you can get the amenities of coworking environment with comforts and communal facilities of a centrally located co-housing space at lucrative and much affordable rates, and at the same place?

Kowrk has partnered with Coho – coworking and coliving will never be the same again, as we have started to change the way we live and work!

Sharing economy next step towards the future Kowrk

Kowrk as you already know, is a platform that enables the future of work by connecting users with coworking spaces, business centres and other providers of shared offices.

Coho is a tech start-up whose aim is to provide superior living experience to millennials in India. They offer fully furnished comfortable homes to live with a community of like-minded people.  This new concept is aimed towards providing hassle free living experience for young professionals.

The nature of work is changing, which has implications for how we live. As coworking becomes a regular part of our life, so will the notion of co-living. This partnership is but a natural course of action towards giving you all a complete work-life package and taking communal and social experience to a whole new level.

But that is not all that we provide – if you book a CoHo flat from Kowrk portal you get a discount of 10% on first 2 months of rent on every Coho space. And if you chose to book a Kowrk space from Coho’s web portal you can get a discount upto 5% on every Kowrk space.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer and upgrade your lifestyle.

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Sharing economy has proven to be a transformative force, drastically changing the residential and commercial real estate industry. This proliferation is illuminating the hidden potentials of physical spaces, and changing the way architecture is used and inhabited. This phenomenon could irreversibly change the way in which we design buildings and think about urban development. The first step towards this imagined future has already been taken by Kowrk and CoHo. Will you be a part of it?

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