What is a Shared Office?

Shared offices are private offices with spare desks or meeting rooms that the owners are legally allowed to share with others. In today’s shared economy, you must have shared a cab using Uber,Ola or Lyft. Now you can rent out spare seats in your office and earn extra income.

There are many benefits of sharing your office, such as increased income, shared expenses and more networking. To know more about Shared Offices and the benefits of renting it, click here.

How does it work?

Kowrk.com has made it very simple to share your office space. Here is a quick video to explain how it works.

How to list Shared Office?

Listing your shared office on Kowrk.com is very simple. Just follow these steps or watch the instructional video to add your space.

  • Login at Kowrk.com (remember you can sign up with an email address or through social media channels).
  • Click on ‘Add A Space’ on the top right corner of the screen, and select the type of your space as Shared Office
  • Select the listing plan.
  • Fill in all the information
  • Submit the listing request.
  • If the paid package is selected, then you will be directed to the payment page. Make the payment.
  • Our team will contact you within 3 working days (for Pro and Pro + plans) or 5 working days (for the Basic plan) to confirm the details.
  • You will be informed after your space is listed on our platform.

Different Price Plans

Basic listing with limited features is free. You can always opt for paid listing and pay one time charges of Rs 999 (for Pro) or 1,499 (for Pro+) when you use a referral code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of listing plans are offered?
We have three types of listings – Basic (free), Pro (Rs.999) and Pro Plus (Rs.1499)

Do you charge commission?
Yes. We charge a 10% commission for converted leads.

How many customers will I get?
It depends on factors such as the demand in your area, facilities offered, your asking price and marketing efforts to reach potential users.

What facilities should I offer?

WiFi, desks, comfortable chairs, tea/coffee, air conditioner and clean toilets would be a good start.

What rate can I charge per seat?
Rent depends on area, locality and facilities offered. Most likely you can charge Rs.5000 – Rs.7000 per seat/month, inclusive of taxes,

How does Kowrk benefit from this?
Kowrk aims to help people find and rent office spaces. By doing this, we are bringing demand and supply on our platform.

Can I legally do this?
You will have to verify that with your lawyer. If you are renting the space, then check your rental agreement for sublease clause.

Is it safe to share my office with an outsider?
You can interview the user and rent the space only if you are comfortable. You can also ask for a deposit to safeguard you.

Which is the most popular listing plan?
Pro + is the most popular listing plan, as at a nominal cost it increases the chances of getting users.