Who doesn’t want the corner office?

No one (haha we played with two negatives here). Ok in simple words, everyone wants the corner office.

Imagine if you rub Lamp Kowrk and Ginny Kowrk grants you a corner office. But this Ginny has one condition – you have to tell it the secret thing you will keep in the corner office. Nice or naughty doesn’t matter – tell the secret of your corner office.

So #takeabreak and in the comments section below, mention which of these options will be found in your corner office. Ginny Kowrk understands that your heart might desire more than one secret possession. So share all.

We will publish the results on FBInsta and other social channels. So like/follow us to know the secrets of fellow humans.

And, if you want Ginny Kowrk to grant other wishes at similar condition, do share with us. Team Kowrk will deliver your request directly to Ginny Kowrk :-)



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  1. Specific Foot massage or a Pedicure for tired legs.

    Type of Visit: I visited for a meeting/event

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