“I NEED OFFICE SPACE” and voila! Coworking spaces are here to do just that. Give you that space you want. The will to make it big in this world exists in many but it is the lack of wherewithal that provides the roadblocks. Coworking spaces literally help you remove those roadblocks and pave the way to success.

As more and more coworking spaces are spawning across the globe, more and more individuals and startups are looking at them for an ideal setting and location for an office. And for finding that perfect workspace, these customers bank on the reviews that coworking spaces receive from other users. But, invariably, what one finds are reviews that are driven by personal equations and are based on the relationship with the management of a facility and not per se the viability of the place itself. Thus most of the shared workspace have high ratings (4*/5*) on Google and Facebook.

To obviate this and to provide a comprehensive assessment of coworking spaces, Team Kowrk has devised a review system, based on research and best practices from across the industries. On our platform, experiences are written and ratings are provided on a scale of 0 to 5 on five major dimensions. These are

  1. Accessibility: To review a place based on accessibility from a business point of view as well as the convenience of the team. Whilst for someone a place with ample parking space might be preferable, for many the centrality of the place in respect to public transport as well as the safety and security it offers, can be the defining criteria.
  1. Amenities: To review the space on amenities offered whether it is free Wi-Fi access or an invigorating cup of coffee, or maybe even a shared receptionist and other subsidiary staff. Someone whose business requires social networking may prefer a state of art conference hall and for a few the ambiance of the place might work as the clincher.
  1. Networking opportunities: Rate the space to provide an idea about how well one can connect with other enterprises in the same space. An exchange of ideas amongst people from different professions, benefitting from each other’s core strengths in a conflict-free atmosphere is an intangible benefit that can lead to professional growth.
  1. Staff support: Rating to indicate a positive and helpful attitude of the management team, willingness to cater to needs even when that requires them to go out of their way and their efforts to cultivate a community, are also important when selecting a shared space.
  1. Overall Rating: On an overall scale of 5, reviewers are requested to rate the space keeping in mind their experience of the place and factoring in all the above-mentioned parameters.

Another aspect unique to our methodology is that reviewers are asked to highlight the type of visit they have made to the place being reviewed. Whereas one might still be a regular user of a space, another might have visited for attending a conference and yet another might have moved on after having a longish association with that place.

Reviews of coworking spaces Reviews of coworking spaces Reviews of coworking spacesFor future users of that space, reading the reviews and weighing all parameters will help them zero in onto the right workspace. Rather than selecting a place based only on the overall rating, reviews on Kowrk facilitates its users to judge a place based on the underlying experience of the previous users, based on their visit type and rating of different parameters.

Reviews of coworking spaces Reviews of coworking spaces

As a platform, Kowrk’s objective is to empower people to choose a space based on their necessities so that finalizing a coworking space is as easy as booking a hotel room. The companies providing coworking spaces too stand to gain from reviews. Change being the only constant, reviews enable them to remain contemporary to the needs of the environment and requirements of their users.

Our efforts to gather reviews are driven by our believe that publicity, as well as awareness about coworking spaces and shared workplaces, is also obtained through honest critique from present and past users. Do share your thoughts in comment section below!

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