Sitting on the edge of the cliff under the lone cypress tree, overlooking the deep blue ocean, you type away to meet the deadline. This upcoming trend in coworking industry is going to be The future of work. Freelancers and digital nomads around the world will ditch the humdrum four walls of home offices and coffee shops and To help you select your dream workation, has crafted a list of 5 fantabulous venues.

These places provide perfect coworking setup with high speed internet, awesome coffee, flexible pricing options, excellent and in some cases organic food, and above all a fantastic opportunity to connect, communicate and collaborate with like-minded intellectuals and entrepreneurs.

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5. Hubud Bali (Indonesia): Environment-friendly bamboo walls, tropical climate, guilt-free desserts and smoothies with a dedicated fiber optic internet connection, close to famous the Sacred Monkey Forest and a step away from hotels, shops and restaurants!! With day pass starting at US $5, this too good to be true coworking space with a volcano view in Ubud Bali doesn’t break your wallet

Go green, Go exotic, Go Hub in Ubud  – Hubud !!

4. Surf office: Head to The Canary Islands or Santa Cruz California or Lisbon for your share of sun, sand & surf and an amazing place to stay and work at Surf Office. Stay at a traditional Portuguese house with a large kitchen and dining area and redefine laid-back at your perfect Workation. Perfect place to go with your team or to meet & interact with like-minded people. All you need is sun tan lotion, your beach bag and some surfing lessons. Just learn to say Olá!! All this at per person prices starting from $73 per day .

3. CocoVivo Panama: Magnificent reef, Dolphins and Armadillos with option to enjoy water activities, 145 acres of rustic forest brimming with wildlife, indoor and outdoor meeting space. The Caribbean Sea beckons you to the hidden tropical paradise of CocoVivo at the southern tip of Isle de San Cristo. Don’t forget to pack your bug spray, though. Sweet deals with prices starting at US$135 per night for two adults

2. Hacker Paradise: Though not a coworking space, these guys organize trips exclusively for professionals, across the world so that you get to travel in comfort and style as you work. While they look after your workspace, accommodations and community. Discover the exotic locales of Bali, Thailand, Portugal, Tokyo, Barcelona and Costa Rica on trips ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months. All this with numerous pep talks, workshops, hack days, social events and of course Barbecues!! Prices start at US$ 125 per week.

 1. Coboat: Topping the list is our dream coworking space. One, which has made it to the top of the “must-do” list of our founder. Working on a beautiful catamaran gliding gently across the Mediterranean. A relaxed and inspiring environment to let those creative juices flow. You and your fellow coboaters are sure to come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Price start from US$ 1,000 per week

We can see you taking your pick already. So happy Kowrking and Buen Viaje!!!

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