At, we are always on the lookout for innovative ideas to translate coworking into a pleasant and productive experience. This time, in Quirky KoSpaces Series: Desk with a view, we decided to turn our gaze towards coworking spaces with scintillating visual stimuli to fire your grey cells, turning your mind into a powerhouse of brilliant ideas.

Fuel your imagination and enhance your output as these splendid 5 places that feast your eyes and steal your heart with their panoramic views. Regarding the coworking infrastructure offered, of course, they exceed expectations in that quarter.

5. Neighborfarm Hong Kong: This 8000 sq. ft. coworking venue, with its stylish interiors, promises you oodles of productivity as you rest your gaze upon the shimmering lights of the skyscrapers, the bustling promenades filled with the infectious laughter of tourists, the magical annual fireworks or the deep calming water rocked out of its slumber by the busy ferries and cruises. Take your pick depending upon the time of the day or your mood and be inspired by 180-degree unobstructed view of the Victoria Harbour during those short breaks as you refuel your mind with innovative ideas to work and network.

Pricing starts at USD 3000 per month for a dedicated desk.

4. Springboard Singapore: Another feather in the cap of CBD Singapore, this contemporary coworking space answers all the prayers of freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and small businesses. If awesome setup, complete with a fully stocked pantry is not enough, their roof top terrace for that breakout session with your team is sure to woo your heart. Catch the sunlight kiss the glistening glass windows of the CBD Skyscrapers every time you peep above your workstation, sipping at complimentary tea/coffee at Springboard Singapore.

Pricing starts at USD 370.19 per month for a dedicated desk.

3. JustCo Singapore: The flexible desks and studio offices at this centrally located KoSpace overlooking the lively Central Business District (CBD) and the Singapore River will exponentially enhance your efficiency. The gleaming commercial buildings interspersed with shops, houses and sculptures of the colonial era scattered around the serene waterfront make the view from the JustCo window a potpourri of the past and the present. The super friendly team, edgy and creative décor and indoor recreational activities like foosball, ping pong and arcade ensure that there are no dull moments in your coworking day. Charge up your batteries with the electrifying atmosphere of CBD Singapore as you choose to cowork at this amazing space.

Pricing starts at USD 750 per month for dedicated desk.Quirky KoSpaces Series: Desk with a view2. 1961 Siem Reap, Cambodia: A hybrid Events Venue, Creative Space and Coworking Space, this hub offers a 40 seater coworking lab and 6 private office pods to accommodate the diverse needs of the modern coworkers and startups. It also boasts of a multipurpose event space, well equipped with the modern multimedia gadgets and an art gallery to showcase the creativity of Cambodian and International artists. What earned this joint the second position in our list? The spectacular views of the colonial and Chinese-style architecture of Siem Reap city. Enjoy the laid back Cambodian city dotted with museums and souvenir and handicraft shops from the windows of this awesome KoSpace. Relax your senses and reach into the deepest recesses of your mind for those brilliant ideas for your project.

Pricing starts at USD 140 per month for a dedicated desk.

1. Innov8 Delhi, India: A slick coworking campus with a mind-blowing rooftop garden overlooking the commercial, business and financial centre of Delhi makes Innov8 the most sought after Coworking destination. This modern joint offers unsurpassed views of the British architecture of Connaught Place. The well planned, centrally located and peaceful ambiance of Innov8 offer the perfect launching pad for those innovative ideas that spell success with a capital S. Head to this KoSpace for a taste of the pre-Independence era . The stupendous view is complemented by a myriad of flexible coworking options like noise proof cabins and special nightly pricing to suit your budget.

Pricing starts at USD 126.60 per month for dedicated desk.Quirky KoSpaces Series: Desk with a viewChoose any one of these coworking spaces with a view and open your eyes to new ideas, mindsets, people and ways of life. Be inspired and inspire fellow coworkers with these interesting vistas and the trendiest ideas in our blog.


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