Finding a coworking space in Hong Kong can feel like a daunting task- there are over 40 after all. Luckily for you, the team at has been to all of them and through our methodology, we were able to pull some pretty fascinating data.

based on median monthly rent of a fixed desk at coworking spaces present in these locations.

HK Geohub

As you can see, this is some pretty startling stuff. Coworking in Aberdeen costs only a quarter of what coworking in Central does and coworking in Sheung Wan is less than half the price! Walking from Sheung Wan to Central takes about 10 minutes so this is HUGE news. Well that’s one of the reasons why coworking spaces in Sheung Wan are usually full.
If you’re in love with a particular coworking space in Central or you covet a prestigious address for your business then Central is an obvious choice. Otherwise, you should probably consider some other location options.

Though Aberdeen is the cheapest option it is not on any MTR line – yet. Bus service (green mini buses) pretty good if you’re coming from Causeway Bay. But commuting from other places can be a challenge.

Lai Chi Kok is a good alternative to Central. Just a 20 minute train ride from HK station and 15 minutes from TST, it hosts many coworking spaces within walking distance of the MTR station. Similarly, Kwun Tong is a great option for people staying at North point and nearby areas.

So if you’re traveling or relocating to HK and plan to use coworking spaces, then staying around TST or North Point areas are your best options – hotels and house rents are comparatively cheaper in these areas and economical coworking spaces are just a short ride away. And let’s not forget, you can still enjoy the real HK in central/Soho :-)

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