As part of our Price Heat Map series, we have already covered Delhi & NCR; In this article, team Kowrk is sharing its’ insights on the coworking spaces in Bangalore/Bengaluru market.  Teeming with startups with potentially groundbreaking ideas, Bangalore is also home to quite a few coworking spaces. Since working from home can be challenging and choosing the right coworking space for your startup can be tricky, team Kowrk has helped simplify the process by presenting some quality data for our amazing readers to sift through. Oh and don’t worry: our methodology is sound.

Blore - Earth View

Reminder: the taller the bar, the more expensive the space.

Key Takeaways:

Bangalore/ Bengaluru have 4 major areas (we call them KoSpace Geohubs) with two or more coworking spaces – HSR Layout has the maximum number of coworking spaces followed by Main Bangalore City.

Koramangala is the most expensive area for coworking. On average, monthly rent of a dedicated desk here is 33% more expensive than JP Nagar (which has the lowest rent). So you can save significant money by being based out of JP Nagar.

The best deal in Bangalore, in terms of location and price, is to get your first 3 months free on an annual contract at a coworking space in Koramangala. You will be at a ‘happening’ location without paying much premium.

Like other cities, individual Geohubs in Bangalore have variations among rents at different coworking spaces. However, unlike other places, at HSR Layout in Bangalore, this variation is as high as 100%. This means that if you decide to cowork from this area, do shop around to find the best deal. (Click here to find coworking spaces at HSR Layout)

Our most interesting observation about coworking in Bangalore is that if you plan to use hot/ flexi desks for a month, you can end up paying more than a dedicated desk.  Most coworking spaces offer flexi plans such as INR X for 6 working days. When prorated to a full month, this plan can cost you ~10% more than the dedicated desk rent. This is the exact opposite of Hong Kong- but we’ll save that for another article. Basically, you may end up paying a premium for flexibility in Bangalore. Hence if there is any chance that you will use the space for a full month, opt for a dedicated desk.

Like the other major cities in India, coworking in Bangalore is becoming a booming market. We hope that our facts and observations will help you get the best deal. Let us know if that does/doesn’t happen by leaving your comments below.

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