Do you know how to sell your product to potential customers even before they know about it? Have you ever heard of a concept called ZMOT? If not, click here to see Part 1 of this blog post.

How can I create viral content, capture attention, and deliver a simple yet compelling message to my audience? This week we’ll examine Marketing Mantras from the founders of WittyFeed and Mad Over Marketing

  1. Mr. Parveen Singhal, Founder of WittyFeed

Parveen runs India’s largest digital content platform. He specializes in using unconventional tactics to create viral content. But how does he do this?

Marketers often forget the MOST important aspect of their profession: their target audience. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re too busy setting targeting parameters, calculating CTR’s, and ensuring a single pixel on your illustrations is not out of place. When it comes to these tasks, the devil really is in the details. A single inaccurate number can throw off all your marketing projections. A single pixel out of place would ruin an artistic masterpiece. The wrong targeting parameters would result in your ROI being in the gutter. Make these mistakes as a marketer and you’ll be handed a pink slip at the end of the month.

Scared? Don’t be. It’s good to be detail oriented. Parveen’s Mantra on being a successful marketer was very clear: “Know your audience & tell a story”. If you remember these seven words, you won’t lose the essential perspective that you need to run a successful marketing campaign. Now, take a moment to imagine the story that you wish to tell. The ‘virality’ of your story depends on how well you connect with your target audience’s feelings & emotions through the content that you produce.

This brings us to Parveen’s final Mantra: “Focus & invest in powerful content.” If your content sucks, your campaign won’t even get off the ground.

  1. Mr. Siddanth More & Miss Wamika Mimani, Founders of Mad Over Marketing

Siddanth & Wamika helpfully summarized their three-part process to creating a successful marketing campaign. You’ve got to (1) capture the attention of your target audience, (2) position your brand to evoke a particular perception, and (3) deliver a simple yet compelling message.

How do you capture the attention of your target audience? Be controversial. Original. Allude to historical or contemporary political events. Use satire. Employ innuendo. Puns are always good. Think out of the circle.

How can I evoke a particular perception of my brand in the minds of my target audience? Ask yourself, what does your brand stand for? How do you see yourself? How do you want to be seen? Craft your advertisement to reflect your values as an organization. Just do it.    

How can I deliver a simple yet compelling message? Words speak louder than actions. More is less. A word is worth a thousand pictures. Wait, I think I got all that the wrong way around. You get the idea.

So, concluding with the question we started Part 1 of this blog with: Is Marketing a science, an art, or a bit of both? It still doesn’t matter.

Is a word worth a thousand pictures? Leave a comment below.

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