Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. Is it a science, an art, or a bit of both? I don’t think it really matters. What matters, however, is how organizations can improve their marketing strategy to increase the value of their brand and ultimately increase sales. That’s the key question we’ll be exploring today.

Kowrk had the pleasure of attending a conference hosted by Social Media Connect at IIT Bombay where the founders of PageTraffic Inc., WittyFeed and Mad Over Marketing imparted a great deal of marketing wisdom. The following is a summary of our key takeaways.

  1. Mr. Navneet Kaushal, Founder of PageTraffic Inc.

Navneet is a very experienced digital marketer. He is also an exemplary leader. When managing his team, he always establishes a sense of urgency. Why put off to tomorrow what can be done today? (If you’re looking for tips on how to ‘strategically procrastinate’ and get away with it, click here.)

Before diving into the intricacies of marketing, Navneet emphasized the need to have a clear organizational vision, establish core values, build a consistent culture and finally, to hire, fire & reward the right people. If you don’t have these fundamentals in place, how can you survive long enough to reap the benefits of a successful marketing strategy?

Navneet is first and foremost an expert in marketing. We were stunned when he said, “I would not be wrong in saying that we have never promoted our digital marketing services on our Facebook page…and my phone still keeps ringing.” He aptly referred to the concept of ZMOT, which stands for ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. This concept explains that the mind of the consumer is already made up prior to the making of a purchase because the said decision was made when doing research online at an earlier point of time. That earlier point of time is the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’.

So what now? If my potential customers have already made up their minds prior to my sales pitch, wouldn’t it be impossible for me to influence them? Wrong. The key is to influence your potential customers at an earlier point of time, prior to or at the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. Educate them. Be seen as an expert in your field. Build trust. Create a community. If you do this, your potential customers will be sold even before they step into the room.

Navneet spends the majority of his time writing, reading, webcasting, blogging, and meeting his potential customers. Known for selflessly sharing his expertise, he has built a strong community of digital marketers and has thousands of customers that trust him. No wonder his phone doesn’t stop ringing.    

Are you Mad Over Marketing (MOM)? If you want to read about more Marketing Mantras from the founders of Mad Over Marketing and WittyFeed, return to our blog next week!

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