If necessity is the mother of invention, then convenience can be the mother of innovation. And the latest innovative idea to hit the professional gamut is of coworking spaces. These spaces are ideal for freelancers and those venturing into startups as they come equipped with the essentials that one would require in an office. The decision to select a space and stay with it, or make a switch to another depending on convenience, facilities, distance etc. also remain with the individual.

At times, one finds that after a while a particular place outlives its value propositions and thus arises the need to move to a better suited place. Owing to the flexibility of the coworking space, it is easier to move from one place to another. But, in doing so, there are certain factors to keep in mind so that the transition remains smooth.

At a point of time, Team Kowrk also needed to relocate owing to shutting down of our previous space. Based on our experience, here are certain pointers for anyone who needs to change their coworking space.

Leaving your coworking space

Change of address

A change in location means you need to keep all the people in your contact list updated about your change of address. If you have been using your coworking space as your registered communication address, then do get it changed before- hand to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Make it convenient 

Keep two-three days overlapping to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transfer from one space to another. If you are working with a small team then make sure to take them to the new place before-hand. This will enable them to familiarize themselves with the place and decide on minute but important aspects like which desk to take J. If possible work from the new place for one afternoon. And once you have decided on the new place, as the team leader, go there before your team shows up and check whether things like parking, Wi-Fi, access details etc. have been sorted out for your team.

Be patient 

It takes time to get used to a change. Maybe, in the initial days you face small hiccups like walking a little extra to reach your new shared office, or adjusting to the coffee taste or finding new food joints nearby. But remember, most issues that crop up in the initial days are easily surmountable and more often than not patience is all you need.

Getting used to the environment 

As you start settling down to a routine at your new place you will come across certain teething issues which may be a bit jarring to you or your team. For example, one might find the neighborhood a little loud, a chair or a door that might creak a little extra, the décor might not be to your taste. These are all factors that should not become deterrents. Keep your mind open and make an effort to ignore these irritants and in hardly any time you would stop noticing them.

Welcome the new opportunities

A change of space will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. Make the most of it and develop new contacts. Socialize with your neighbors and get to know your admin team. This will help you further broaden your network.


Change is the only constant in this world so a change of scene and workspace can lead to a more evolved mindset. The vibes of your new office might help you develop fresh ideas which are often needed to remain visible in this world with its ever-changing dynamics.

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