On International Women’s Day, we have mostly seen appreciation to the top level achievers but we often forget to thank those achievers who help us indirectly with our lives thus making it more comfortable. We take an opportunity to thank one such group of ladies who have helped meet the important requirement of working individuals – FOOD. Serving in one of the main corporate hubs of Powai, Mumbai, these ladies have roared to the losers that no task is beyond the bounds of possibility and for this, we salute them for their courage, dedication and hard work.

Started 11 years ago with a team of 4 ladies the “Shivshakti Mahila Vikas Mandal” had a belief that no task is impossible when done for the right reasons and 100 percent dedication. Grown to a team of 14 ladies now, they serve approximately 5,000 stomachs every month. The motto has been clear i.e. to serve hygienic and healthy food at a reasonable price to the people around.

Their journey though has never been simple as it may sound, from building the space to getting their personal utensils from home to make food, and to face opposition from the society whose ego of seeing these ladies progress was indeed difficult. The worst being their workspace getting demolished several times but they still stood strong together to rebuild and serve the purpose. Their Adhyaksha (head of the group) Ushatai Dimbal is the backbone of the group who helped them set up again and fought with the local politicians.

The management of the team is indeed commendable, they work in 3 shifts starting from morning 7.30 until evening 8.00, they operate without any use of WhatsApp or Facebook group for coordination, the handover is still very smooth.
We thank and salute such women who to help others can break any barriers and still stand strong and powerful.

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