The Coworking Forum is an annual insightful event to investigate the rise of Coworking in Hong Kong. It’s objective is to discuss the impact that coworking movement can have on the entrepreneurship, innovation and overall economical development.

The Forum was a live conference designed for today’s coworking eco-system and professionals. Operators, investors, innovators and flexible workspace experts shared their knowledge and experiences. This conference brought together various participants and also those interested in the coworking movement in Hong Kong.

Our founder – Honey Jain Kathuria was among the few coworking experts who shared their insights with the room full of coworking enthusiasts. Honey spoke about the growth of coworking in Asia specifically focusing on Hong Kong. She compared different growth indicators of coworking industry such as demand-supply, players, and prices across the regions in the world. Her talk included the price trends across different areas in Hong Kong, along with predictions for users and providers of shared workspaces.

Other eminent speakers were Reed Hatcher, Head of Research, Cushman & Wakefield who spoke about the ‘Rise of Coworking in Hong Kong’ and future expectations for landlords. Simon Hempsall, Director, Instant Offices built on this topic further by discussing -‘ What do Landlords and Corporate Occupiers Really Think about Coworking’. Tom Banwell, Managing Director – North Asia, Space Matrix eluded to various challenges in ‘Planning Coworking Spaces’ and how the design is a fundamental factor affecting their success. Carl Pierre, Director, Eaton House talked about the hybrid hospitality model where hotels are offering co-living and coworking facilities to millennials.Through the various talks and panel discussions, these speakers explored the complex nature of the independent workforce, self-employment, collaborative workspace, community building , the sharing economy and the emergence of this rapidly expanding industry.

The Coworking Forum was a great experience for Team Kowrk to connect with the who’s who of the coworking players in Hong Kong, self being one among them. If you missed the opportunity to attend the conference , check out our Facebook page for live videos and photos.

Till the next streaming from Kowrk, Happy Kowrking!


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