Kowrk, a platform for connecting users with coworking spaces and shared offices, and Edge 196 (an initiative of NRI Startup India), a global platform to foster entrepreneurship & innovation, today announced a tie up for offering mutual benefits to their communities.

Mohit Shrivastav, VP of business development for the Asia Pacific region of Edge 196, said, “We intend to collaborate with Kowrk and give the startup community access to our global networks & investments. With respect to the current challenge, we encourage the Kowrk community to take advantage of the investment commitment, global market access/expansion and the opportunity to be part of the growth accelerator. Going further, we would like to possibly figure out dedicated programs benefiting both Kowrk and EDGE 196. In short, the aim of the partnership is to accelerate the startup growth through capital investment, global market access and business expertise.” Honey Kathuria, Founder of Kowrk, shared her thoughts, “Edge 196 is a truly global platform that emodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship. With dozens of challenges active in hundreds of countries in several ecosystem sectors, their platform is fostering startups with immense potential. We’re very keen to partner with Edge 196 to further its long term goals & objectives.”

Stay tuned to this space for more exciting developments in future.

About Edge 196

Edge 196, an initiative of NRI Startup India, is a global platform to foster entrepreneurship & innovations through:

1. News – nurturing the ecosystem with latest & relevant information
2. Global events – supporting partners and connecting the rest of the ecosystem
3. Startup challenges – creating healthy and mission-driven competition to make impact
4. Startup stories – providing an opportunity for startups to showcase themselves to the world

More info on: http://www.edge196.com/

About Kowrk

At Kowrk, we envision a future where freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, distributed teams, visiting employees and temporary companies will enhance their flexibility, efficiency and productivity by using shared work spaces.

Kowrk is a platform that enables this future of work by connecting users with coworking spaces, business centers, coworking cafes and other providers of shared offices.

We have listed more than 42,000 seats across different shared workspaces in 20+ countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Cambodia and the USA. With Kowrk, finding, comparing and booking a coworking space or shared office across countries is as easy as booking a hotel.

More info on: www.kowrk.com

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