As the market for coworking spaces explode and coworking hubs have starting popping up everywhere, standing out in this market and to attract users will become more challenging. The Founders surveyed, had some answers to this dilemma. And for those entrepreneurs who are looking to open their coworking spaces, veterans’ input could be invaluable. Based on research, the key things that will make you and your coworking space shine above others are People and Place.

KoSpace Founders Say Differentiating factors among coworking spaces

 – Users
Coworking spaces that stand out tend to target both the local and expat community.  Having a blend of locals and expats helps create a unique atmosphere conducive to the sharing of a diverse array of ideas.

Finding a way to onboard serial entrepreneurs is a good move as well. These individuals have experience in entrepreneurship and apart from being paying customers, they can provide valuable input to those around them and can even speak at events/workshops hosted within the coworking space.

 – Founders
Founders are also largely responsible for differentiating their coworking space from others. As covered in previous KoSpace Founders Say Series post, having a strong personal network is (usually) essential to not just success, but building brand awareness in the market. A diverse network will help get the word out to a varied group of people. Looking back at the point made earlier, having a diverse group of people attending events at your coworking space/using your coworking space creates a unique feel- the kind which entrepreneurs look for when choosing where to set up their business.

Being a community builder is equally important when it comes to making your business memorable, according to other Founders. Coworking spaces that regularly hold networking events with local entrepreneurs tend to attract more users. Going a step further and sponsoring community events is also great way to build brand awareness outside of the circle of hardcore entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. At the end of the day, expanding your network in this industry is everything.

 – Space
First things first: any successful Founder will tell you that in order to stand out, your coworking space will have to be professional, well-organized and up to global standards. There are plenty of coworking spaces that offer average (or even below-average) services, that’s why having top-notch facilities and services can really elevate a business in the minds of consumers. Being eco-friendly can be a differentiator factor, as some entrepreneurs tend to be environmentally conscious and prefer low-waste kospaces.

Having a theme or specialization is  important not only to success, but to standing out as well. Want to have a gritty urban vibe? Go for it! Want to have facilities catered specifically to startups with a charitable focus? Great idea!  Specialization is one of the best ways to make your coworking space memorable.

 – Environment
Another thing Founders recommend is to nurture a productive and professional environment at your coworking space. You might consider hosting events at your KoSpace such as talks by industry experts.

The ecosystem within your coworking space should probably include investors too. This is ideal because if entrepreneurs know that investors hang around your coworking space, that will definitely make your business (and brand as a whole) more memorable; so it’s probably in your best interests to have investors spend time at your KoSpace whenever possible.

It’s a crowded marketplace and most Founders would recommend doing all of these things in order to increase brand awareness. But hey, no one said being an entrepreneur was easy, right?

Do you think there are other things that a coworking space needs to do to attract users? Leave a comment below!

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