In quest to discover the most happening coworking joint, Kowrk floated the first of its kind- Koolest KoSpace  contest. This zero entry fee competition invited applications from shared workspaces around the world in an endeavour to discover the trendiest and the most user-friendly coworking hub.

26 October 2016 – Kowrk, which recently expanded its operations to the American shores, created ripples in the coworking industry by announcing the first ever Koolest KoSpace  contest for coworking joints around the world.  The coveted title required coworking spaces to compete against each other for their uniqueness, quirkiness, efficiency, networking opportunities, amenities, packages and infrastructure.


The innovative competition which ran during the months of September and October received an astounding response from the shared workspaces sector across the globe in the form of entries from coworking spaces located in 20+ cities scattered across 6 countries.

Of these, 15% of entries were submitted by the end users of the spaces and the rest were from the teams managing the coworking joints. These entries were submitted across 3 different categories (not mutually exclusive)

  • 57% entries for useful networking events
  • 62% entries for great amenities
  • 76% for the helpful team

Winner Selection Process

The winner was selected by a panel of advisors who evaluated the nominated spaces against stringent benchmarks. Each expert selected 5 top spaces. All those spaces were then rated on the prescribed parameters and a winner was selected based on the weighted average score. This neck to neck competition compelled Kowrk’s experts to select 3 coworking places for special commendation.

Koolest KoSpace 2016 Winner

Koolest KoSpace Bhive Ooosh startups Level Office Outpost Bali

Bhive Workspace (India) emerged as the proud winner of this prestigious contest. Its fantabulous amenities like the Zen garden and open work areas, its stupendously supportive team and its high frequency of networking events set the ball rolling in favour of this Koolest KoSpace .

As the winner for 2016, Bhive received the rights to the title of Koolest KoSpace  along with a memento to flaunt and free publicity on international channels.

Koolest KoSpace Bhive Ooosh startups Level Office Outpost Bali

Special Mention

Three more noteworthy coworking hubs, whose awesome infrastructure helped them make it to the Special mention list are:

  1. Outpost Indonesia: for it hip and happening amenities like a swim bar and a yoga place
  2. Level Office USA: for its nationwide presence and access in the USA and an amazing team and
  3. Ooosh For Startups  Hong Kong: for its immensely useful networking events and a super supportive team


For Kowrk, this contest perfectly satisfies its goal of becoming the go-to platform for the best in class Shared Workspaces worldwide.  The contest is bound to become an annual trend in the coming years, providing shared workspaces across the globe an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their strong points as they constantly strive to compete against their contemporaries. End of the day it spells happiness for the end user as he gets to make an informed choice apart from having access to new and improved infrastructure.

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