Do you have expectations from the support team managing your coworking space? If yes, then you are not alone. Read Sara and Paul’s experiences and see if you identify with them.

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Paul – Hey Sara! You look so pensive. Is everything OK?

Sara – Hey Paul! Actually not. I don’t like the coworking space I just moved in to. My team does not find the overall environment very productive.

Paul – Oh dear, but why is that? I remember that you moved in there just a few weeks back after considering another space.

Sara – Yes. I had a choice between 2 spaces. You had recommended the other space because of its better reviews about amenities and support staff. But I chose this one because of the many attractive promises made by the sales team. Also, it is a bit closer to my home.

Paul – Then what happened?

Sara – It’s the support team. The persons in-charge Rex and Molly are least helpful and very unconcerned. They are more focused in getting new users, than managing experiences of their existing ones.

Paul – You poor dear! Yes, very often we don’t pay enough attention to the staff while selecting the place we wish to work at. The other factors like distance, rent, amenities offered become more important. I advised you based on my personal experience of un-supportive staff at a coworking place that I was with. So, I understand the importance of a cooperative staff

Sara – What was your experience Paul?

Paul – That coworking space had promised 10 hours of meeting room access per month to us. However, without any prior notice or information, they took away this ‘promised’ facility and then we had to pay to use the meeting rooms.

Sara – Oh no!  That must have hit your pockets. You know, now I understand that the importance of the support staff can’t be understated. The atmosphere at my coworking space is not very relaxed and informal. I joined a month back but I still don’t know the other coworkers there. The support team doesn’t take any initiatives to organize events to bring users together or to cultivate a collaborative environment. What’s the point of working at such a coworking space?

Paul – You sound upset. Drink your coffee before it gets cold. I know coffee always makes you feel better :-)

Sara –You know me well. Alas! My problems don’t end here. The place has serious maintenance issues and it’s noisy as well. We have been facing issues with the doors in our cabins. The doors creak very often which disturbs everyone in the team and those around us. Though I have complaint multiple times the doors are yet to be fixed. Imagine! It is nearly impossible to work in such an environment.

Paul – Ouch! That sounds bad. You know the place that I was with, had cleanliness issues. The cabins and the carpets inside were really dirty. They did not vacuum the carpet very often it seems.

Sara – That’s gross. You know the other day I had a business visitor for 3 days and the management wanted me to purchase a monthly pass. I understand they do not offer day pass services but they refused to accommodate my guest in my cabin. It was really troublesome.

Paul That’s rather stingy of them. Why don’t you do what I did. Move out of the space at the earliest. And this time, before you move into a new place, try to access how engaged support staff is with the other people at the space. Talk to the others working there. And yes, do read reviews on and pay special attention to the Staff support dimension rating in their reviews. Many times, people’s negative experiences are reflected in lower ratings. You must select wisely.

Sara – This time I will most definitely take your advice.  My experience has made me realize that a great supportive team is an essential factor at any coworking space. We realize its importance when we don’t have it. Thanks a lot Paul. You have been a great help!

Paul – You’re welcome!

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We can’t be satisfied at our coworking spaces without the presence of a great support team. You might have realized by now that as per Herzberg’s dual factor theory, absence of good support staff leads to dissatisfaction at a coworking space. Though their presence may not lead to satisfaction all the time.

So if you have been supported by good or not-so-good support team, feel free to review them at and share your experiences with others.

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