Commute troubles. If only….

If wishes were horses, we would have loved to ride one to work. Or even flown with a jet pack.

But neither do we live in medieval times nor 200 years into the future.

Getting to work is one of the toughest things to do, especially if it is a Monday morning. The effort of getting out of a comfortable bed and spend hours in traffic can make anyone start questioning the real reason for a well-paying, fast-tracked career job.

Well leave harsh reality aside in Kowrk’s fun land. Suppose you get a choice, How would you like to commute to your work place ?


How would you like to commute to your work place - Kowrk

And these choices say a lot about you – health &  & environment conscious, need me time whenever I can, life is an adventure, or comfort and independence above all :-)

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