Team Kowrk is very excited to share that the book authored by our founders Honey Jain Kathuria and Dr. Abhishek Kathuria will be published very soon. Titled: How much does it cost to cowork?, this book is a compendium of coworking price analysis in India, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.


How much does it cost to cowork

Based on their industry expertise, in-depth knowledge of coworking spaces across the world and an in-house analytical model, this book is yet another indicator of Kowrk’s pioneering work in the coworking industry.

How Much Does It Cost to Cowork? provides insights, trends, projections, and practical guidance concerning coworking prices across multiple countries and regions, including India, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States. Based on pricing and occupancy data from – Asia’s largest platform to connect users with shared office spaces, this compendium offers analysis of the average cost of dedicated coworking desks across countries, cities, and location clusters within cities. Key takeaways listed at the end of each chapter provide quick reference points for anyone who is looking to understand the landscape of coworking.

Whether you are seeking a coworking space and wish to make an informed decision, or are a provider of coworking spaces deciding the location of and offerings at a new space, the pricing analysis, trends and projections in this simple to understand, yet comprehensive book, make it an ideal companion for you!

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