What is Kowrk?

Kowrk (pronounced as co work) is a platform that enables The Future of Work™ by connecting users with coworking spaces, business centers and other providers of shared offices.

Finding the right coworking space or shared office is a long, arduous process that involves searching the web to discover potential spaces, visiting several locations and negotiating terms with shortlisted providers. Evaluating the fit of a space with one’s working requirements and style is more difficult and requires making predictions based on hearsay or what is observed during the visit.

Kowrk simplifies this process and makes finding a coworking space or shared office as simple as finding a hotel room. Our Founder, who has managed the Asia-Pacific offline business for the world’s largest hotel booking platform, Hotels.com, has embedded the best practices from this industry into our platform. Our deep insights into the nuances of connecting users and providers of perishable real-estate inventory have enabled us to grow rapidly across Asia’s largest coworking markets.


Why use Kowrk?

Kowrk helps you find, compare, book and review coworking spaces and shared offices. All the spaces listed on our platform have been vetted through personal visits. Hence you see not only professional snaps, but also photos taken by users of the spaces. Users can leave feedback about the coworking spaces. This ensures that what you see and read on Kowrk is what you can pretty much expect at the space. Thus we have eliminated the need for you to visit a space before booking. Just like how you would book a hotel.

Here is a quick video to explain how and why to use Kowrk.


How do I book a space?

You can find the most suitable coworking space by using our robust search on our homepage or here. Compare various available options based on your preferences. Once you are ready to book or have some queries, click on Book Now and fill in the details. You will be contacted very soon to confirm the details.

After you use the space, don’t forget to leave a review to share your experience and help others partake in The Future of Work™!

Why should I list my space at Kowrk.com?

By connecting local and expat users with your workspace, Kowrk.com aims to drive additional business your way. We market and promote your beautiful listing on our platform to diverse set of potential customers. We look forward to partner with you in growing your community and business. A small commission is charged for converted leads only.

What are the different types of spaces listed at Kowrk?

Kowrk classifies shared workspaces (or KoSpaces, as we call them), in following 4 categories. A listing can belong to one type only. If you have any confusion while listing a space, then don’t worry. Select the most relevant type. Team Kowrk retains the final rights of classifying a space.

  1. Coworking Spaces: Professionally managed coworking spaces that provide plug and play workspaces along with collaborative communities. Best suited for freelancers, startups and SME. All Coworking Spaces listed at Kowrk.com are verified through space’s website, social media presence and personal visit from Team Kowrk.
  2. Business Centers: Professionally managed workspaces located at prime addresses, offering all facilities (e.g. virtual office, reception and telephone operators) required for small to large enterprises. All Business Centers listed at Kowrk.com are verified through center’s website, social media presence and personal visit from Team Kowrk.
  3. Coworking Cafe: Cafe that sell passes/ packages and provide facilities for coworking. All Coworking Cafe’s listed at Kowrk.com are verified through cafe’s website, social media presence and personal visit from Team Kowrk.
  4. Shared Office Space: These are the private offices with spare desks or meeting rooms that the owners are legally allowed to share with others.

How do I list my space?

Coworking Space, Business Centers, Coworking Cafe

Adding your space is a very simple process at kowrk. To top it up, it doesn’t cost a penny/cent/paisa. Just follow these steps:

  • Login at kowrk.com (remember you can sign up with an email address or social media channels)
  • Click on ‘Add A Space’ on the top right end of the screen, and select the type of your space.
  • Fill in all the information (Note: One listing corresponds to one physical location. All facilities, e.g. meeting rooms, private cabins, hot desks etc, for that location are specified as amenities under the same listing. Contact us if you are present at more than 2 locations).
  • Submit the listing request.
  • Our team will contact you within 3 working days to confirm the details.
  • You will be informed after your space is listed on our platform

After your listing is published on Kowrk.com, we will email you leads and booking details. In case you want to make any changes to your listing, just email us and we will take care of everything.

Please note that if your workspace is present at more than one location, then each location will be a separate listing (e.g. XYZ – Sheung Wan and XYZ – Wan Chai).

Shared Office Space

Shared Office Spaces can be listed using any of the 3 plans. Basic listing is free. Otherwise just pay a one-time fee, if you want to get more qualified leads, add more details about your space and get support from our team. With paid listings, we will not be charging you for the converted leads.

Just follow these steps:

    • Login at Kowrk.com (remember you can sign up with an email address or social media channels).
    • Click on ‘Add A Space’ on the top right end of the screen, and select the type of your space as Shared Office
    • Select the listing plan.
    • Fill in all the information
    • Submit the listing request.

  • If paid package is selected, then you will be directed to the payment page. Make the payment.
  • Our team will contact you within 3 working days (for Pro and Pro + plans) or 5 working days (for Basic plan) to confirm the details.
  • You will be informed after your space is listed on our platform.

For Shared Office Spaces, which plan is the best for me?

We offer 3 types of plans for shared office spaces. Choose the one based on your requirements.



Pro +

Best suited for those that

Don’t mind sharing office space and have time to manage all types of leads

Interested in sharing office space and can take out time to manage qualified leads

Want to share their offices but don’t want to waste time managing leads

Number of seats that can be advertised


<20 <20

<100 words

No limit No limit
Number of Photos




Reviews and Ratings No No Yes
List Amenities No Yes Yes
Mention working hours No Yes Yes
Email given to the Lead Yes Yes Yes
Phone Number given to the Lead No Yes Yes
Contact details of Lead Provided


Yes Yes
Qualified leads No Yes Yes
Marketing of the space No Yes (for 1 week) Yes (Until space is occupied)
Team Kowrk Support No No Yes

Part of curated list (Team Kowrk’s list of recommended space created specifically for customers)

No No Yes