If you are the owner of office space that is underused and you want to get some benefits from it then read on. This one’s just for you. That empty desk or desks you have can actually be an unexplored goldmine for you. However, this one will be applicable to you if and only if all your legal issues are in the clear and you are lawfully permitted to share the space.

The professional scene of today is seeing a dominance of startups and more and more entrepreneurs are looking to work with freelancers. As such the demand for renting a desk or a small office space has seen an exponential increase. So, why not share that extra desk and empty meeting room with someone else and become a part of the coworking movement. As no one understands coworking better than Kowrk, here are our reasons why sharing your private office with someone else can be a viable option.

Shared Office Space

Earn more
While work can continue for you normally, the extra chairs and tables can actually earn some dividends for you. More often than not the office spaces are not optimally utilized. Renting out a portion to someone who needs it creates a win-win situation for you as well as your ‘tenant’. Want to estimate per desk cost? Check out our series for indicative prices of dedicated desks in Delhi and Bangalore.

Network at ease
Renting out to freelancers or new entrepreneurs increases your scope of networking as well. New people can bring in new connections. If you get someone who complements your business, then you could use each other’s services too.

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Shared expenses
They can share the expenses of the support staff and certain amenities and facilities like the Wi-Fi or the coffee machine or even of the goodies in the pantry with you.

Needn’t compromise on your comfort level
Since it’s a temporary arrangement, you get to call the shots on extending the facility. Do it only if you are comfortable with them working in your office and the arrangement suits you to the hilt.

Earn some goodwill
You can help some upcoming startups, students etc. who are in the early days of their struggle by offering them workspaces at discounted prices. Goodwill might be intangible in nature but it is amongst the most important forces in the world today.

Adapting to the current trends is what keeps an individual or a business visible. Shared economy is not a new concept anymore. People are sharing extra ‘space’ in their homes, vehicles, and kitchen. Same can be easily done to your office space. So, joining the coworking bandwagon will prove beneficial as it is one of the smart ways to thrive in today’s shared world.

Have got spare #space or #desk in your office? Here is how you can make some $$$ with it Click To Tweet

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