Are you planning to use Fiverr but are confused which vendor to select? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. I went through the typical phases- anxiety and confusion- during the first few times I used Fiverr. After some bittersweet experiences, I learned a few ways to get more out of my $5.5 bucks. Here are some of my do’s and don’ts on Fiverr:

1) Assess the time and expertise needed to do the job. In my experience, it usually takes between 90-120 minutes to select a vendor and it may take an additional 1-2 days to place an order (message your needs to the vendor before placing the order). Add the vendor’s ‘average’ delivery time for overall ETC of your task. See, if your task is urgent or able to be completed relatively quickly, you will not want to waste time finding a new vendor.

2) We know the benefits of reusing a vendor, so build a relationship if your work is of a repetitive nature. Your best bet is to message your requirements upfront to the vendor.

3) Be smart about Gigs ratings: for many of us, user ratings are a big criterion for selecting a gig. However, Fiverr reviews are not verbose. Rather when you rate a vendor, it defaults to few words (5 == outstanding). Like any other user rating system, number of reviews and overall rating are big decision influencers. Whenever possible, go with the top-rated seller. In all cases, do check the reviews and look for the following:

  • Has the same person given the same rating multiple times? If yes, then that is the first red flag. However, you should also look at following before rejecting that vendor:
  • Click on the reviewer names and check if they are providers too – if yes then do not trust those reviews. There is no reason for one vendor to pay multiples of $5 to another vendor.
  • I have also noticed that at times, there is a circle of such recommendations. A rates B who rates C who in turn rates A. In this case, each positive review only costs $0.5 – Fiverr’s processing fee.

If you see any of these, then you’re better off to go with another vendor.

4) Favorite the gigs that you like – whenever you get the time, scroll through the different gigs and give them your love (favorite them). That way, you can access those gigs in your dashboard.

I now find Fiverr very useful and am rarely disappointed. Hope these pointers will help you select a good vendor for your next task.

Have other learnings of using Fiverr? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. I was really confused about selection of vendor, but this blog saved my time, you guys have made my work little easy.

    Thank you for sharing this blog. Keep sharing and blogging.

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    1. We are glad to be able to help! We would also love to hear about your experiences. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Even i was researching on the same, and was amazed by this concept of $5.5 So, I experienced this and i am very much happy with their service. Well, you have explained the points nicely.

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