To maintain credibility, one needs to keep evolving. The last two decades have seen an explosion of ideas resulting in the birth of start-ups which has also resulted in a demand for freelancers. Similar has been the case with work spaces across the globe. To cater to the growing needs of this new generation of entrepreneurs and freelancers work spaces have had to metamorphosize into something more than a routine workspace. The world has seen a major sprouting of coworking spaces and other similar places all over and their popularity quotient can be gauged by the increased demand that users are making for such spaces. Many options regarding such spaces are available today. As a user, at times, a person may not even realize the differences. But it is always good to know what all are the viable options. Team Kowrk has made your work a lot easier by detailing out the type of places for you.

Coworking the future of work Kowrk

Coworking Spaces: Professionally managed coworking spaces that provide plug and play workspaces along with collaborative communities are a popular choice for many. These types of work places are most suited for freelancers, startups and SME. Apart from providing affordable solutions they also provide an excellent platform for networking. Shared staff is yet another facility that is more often than not, extended to the users. All Coworking Spaces listed at are verified by Team Kowrk.

Coworking Cafe: Such cafes sell passes/ packages and provide facilities for coworking. These places cater to those who can’t work without their daily quota of coffee or tea with some snack on the side and don’t mind a bit of noise and other types of disturbance. Catering to the people looking for a ‘cool vibe’ at workspace, their clientele generally includes freelancers, young professionals, startups at very early stages. All Coworking Cafe’s listed at are verified by Team Kowrk.

Shared Office Space: These are private offices with spare desks or meeting rooms that the owners are legally permitted to share with others. Sometimes people rent out office spaces as they have unused space in their office. This could happen because of various reasons like, a traveling team, an expansion that didn’t go as per the plan etc.. Such spaces are again suited for any person looking for a coworking space. At, some of these spaces are Not Verified (as mentioned in the details section). Users interested in such spaces should pay more attention in verifying all details mentioned by the space.

Business Centers: These type of places are professionally managed with their addresses figuring in extremely posh and prime area. The type of areas that add value to the letterheads! Facilities that such places offer are also in sync with the address and are generally state of art. From virtual office to staff for handling your basic office requirements and other amenities that go a long way in making your rented space a comfortable one. Such spaces cater to the needs of small as well as sufficiently large enterprises. But then all these facilities come at a price and the cost factors involved are usually more than that of other types of shared work spaces. All Business Centers listed at are verified by Team Kowrk.

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The choices existing for the users are many. Finding the right type of space for your business needs has never been easier. All you need to do is visit and zero in on to your requirement.

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