Whoa!!!! Coworking industry is growing exponentially every year. As the industry is expanding, so are the different terminologies for addressing a Coworking Space. There are funny facts and funny names, so we decided to check out the trend of names used by the experienced and new spaces.Coworking,Co-working,Cowrking,Kowrking,Koworking. We stopped at it as this is just getting so confusing man! It’s like noodles, the more you try to separate it, the more it entangles but in the end, it provides an interesting meal.

The reason that there are so many variations used is that there is a dearth of names and domain for the newbies or is that newbees (Oooh!!!) who are joining the industry. Coworking is a growing trend and as we at Kowrk call it the future of work (that’s our trademark, mind you!!), the future is a coworking space.

Call or spell it anyway, coworking space provides a professional environment where startup economies flourish. Startups usually have less or no money to spend on a proper office of their own. They also don’t have time to run an office on day to day basis (Did the cleaner come today?) Here’s where the shared work spaces help. The infrastructure and other working requirements are catered to by the spaces. It’s just a nominal rent that one needs to get into the space.

With this growth and the competition to sustain in the industry, newbies are struggling to name their spaces. And hence we are seeing some real innovation here. This is similar to the names used to depict Fashion – Fashon, Fashn, Fshon…OO LA LA!! Did we miss an “ I “ then let’s have the name as Fshion too.

Yes, we also innovated when we coined the term Kowrk and Kowrking around 3 years back. It’s great to see many others getting inspired by us.

Till the next funny fact from Team Kowrk, Happy Kowrking!! Or should we say Happy Coworking, Co-working, Cowrking, Kowrking, Koworking!!!


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