Did you know that the team at kowrk.com has visited ~100 coworking spaces? We have traveled across Asia and have added a wide variety of coworking spaces on our platform- from Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Cambodia, and to all of the major business hubs in India. We have analyzed a lot of data collected during these visits and applied different analytical models to discover some unique insights into the world of coworking spaces. What we have found is quite fascinating.

In this series of articles (Price Heat Map), we will be sharing our insights and learnings with you. The first article is on comparing prices of coworking spaces across Asia. Read on as no-one knows coworking like Kowrk!



We compared normalized rent of dedicated desks across the cities listed above. Why? Because dedicated desk/per month is the most consistently available price point across all coworking spaces, regardless of region.

We have mapped the data for easy reference.Bigger the circle on the map, more expensive are coworking spaces in that region.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore is the most expensive place for coworking, followed by Hong Kong. On average, coworking spaces in Singapore are ~8% more expensive than those in Hong Kong.
  • Overall, India is the cheapest place to cowork, making it a boon for bootstrapped entrepreneurs hoping to tap into India’s growing startup ecosystem.
  • Contrary to expectations, Cambodia is more expensive than India. In fact, a coworking space in Cambodia costs 90% (that’s almost double) more than that in Bengaluru/Bangalore.
  • Bengaluru/Bangalore, an increasingly popular hub for startups in India, has the lowest rates of coworking spaces. On average, a dedicated desk here is five times cheaper than that in Singapore. That’s some serious savings, folks.

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