The coworking arena is abuzz with activity. Activity that needs to be managed, streamlined, structured and sorted to ensure comfort and convenience for all those associated with it. There are members, spaces, money transactions, meeting rooms, physical and soft resources that need to be allotted, tracked, details that need to be recorded and usage data that needs to be up-to-date down to every hour as the case may be.

Enter the need for the tools of the coworking trade. Apps and platforms that ensure a seamless operation of shared workspaces in an efficient manner. These tools promise comfort and convenience both for the managers and the users of coworking spaces.


Team Kowrk has compiled a list of Efficient 8 tools that help you adopt and adapt to the coworking world in an effortless manner.

1. Cobot

The star of the smart shared workspace solutions, this coworking software all the way from Berlin boasts of the highest integration rate with a plethora of ancillary apps like Paypal, Gocardless, Adyen etc. Running smoothly in 31 countries, Cobot helps more than 60,000 members experience the joy of coworking every day.

Coworking Spaces - Efficient 8 Tools of the Trade


2. Office R&D

A product that starts its definition as “Business Intelligence Platform”, three essential keywords for software to become successful, is bound to deliver. Trusted by thousands of members, this is one tool which looks good and works well! Seamless integration with Xero, GoCardless, KISI and Google Calendar makes this a healthy solution for coworking owners. It is a cohesive platform to manage memberships, spaces, payments, planners, events and get coworking intelligence insights.

Coworking Spaces - Efficient 8 Tools of the Trade

3. Nexudus

A robust, simple to use and even simpler to pay for, complete solution for all the coworking needs, this tool has been helping over 1400 coworking spaces turn into efficient shared office communities. It offers free and smooth importing of existing data from standalone or other existing systems if you decide to migrate to their platform. Armed with a native mobile app avatar, as well as the web version, you have all your business information in your palm on-the-go with Nexudus! Its robust API and across-the-board customization are what makes it a hot favourite!

Coworking Spaces - Efficient 8 Tools of the Trade

4. Coworkify

Aimed to make life ‘simple’, this tool is simple in its design, and intuitive to use. Whether it is finance-control, in ways of billing and invoicing of spaces and support services like parking space usage, membership management, booking ease, coworkify is a one-stop solution for coworking operators. A USP is the online sales and marketing support that it provides.

5. Dovetail

This one is a focused software tool for coworking centers, with member management, multi-location support and unparallelled flexibility. Auto-billing, invoicing and informative metrics are wonderful features that help take a great deal of load off your shoulders!

6. HappyDesk

A truly holistic shared space management tool, this one has additions like white label e-commerce, CRM, electronic proposal, marketplace, door access and snail mail features integrated besides the essentials of member-billing, calendar and other services. Its rich API helps you make customized solutions and the mobile interface is finding many happy takers.

7. ShareDesk Optix

This is the new-age cloud-based tool that aims to make your coworking space a smart shared space. The interfaces are simple and clean and the entire package is well optimized resulting in a coherent unified platform with a single dashboard for all aspects of coworking business.

8. Spreadsheets (Excel/Google Sheets)

This is the old method of managing all the resources, allocations, billing and other related data often deployed by small coworking operators and those who are new in the line of business. These can work well in case the business is limited, but requires manual efforts and thus is usually more cumbersome.

Tools by their very nature are designed to help make life simpler. Choose one or more of these coworking digital solutions and watch mundane tasks transform into a piece of cake for you and your cowork space users! As a handy byproduct, you will get solid data to help you measure your efficiency, performance and actions!

Kowrk hopes that these apps will be your indispensable armor as you confidently stride towards achieving your coworking goals across multiple geographies!

Coworking Spaces - Efficient 8 Tools of the Trade

  1. Good compilation but none of these tools are new coworking spaces friendly in the sense they don’t have a free plan for new and smaller coworking spaces. We just launched for managing coworking spaces and shared offices which has a free tier for new and smaller coworking spaces.

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