Singapore is one of the biggest business and tech hubs in the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that coworking spaces are absolutely taking off there!  Like any other place, Singapore’s coworking spaces have their own culture and unless you are currently working in a KoSpace there, you might not be familiar with how things go.  Luckily, the team here at has got you covered.

Outdoor working area – expect less!

As one of the most expensive cities in the world, office space costs a premium in Singapore so do not be surprised if you find it difficult to locate a coworking space with any outdoor amenities.  If you do manage to find one, probably be prepared to pay a premium price for it.

coworking spaces in Singapore Kowrk
This might cost more than an apartment

The working environment tends to be quieter

Like Hong Kong, socializing with your coworkers during the day is a bit of a taboo so it might be better to save the chit chat for after working hours.  Also many places offer pods and smaller areas for phone calls, so use those and keep the volume down.

Take advantage of the boardrooms!

There are few better places for you to host a client or pitch to a potential investor than a boardroom in a Singaporean KoSpace. We’re being serious, these places are top-notch when it comes to sophistication- LED projectors, smaller sectioned areas for teams to break away and work individually, clickers for PowerPoint presentations- you get the idea.  Even if you do not end up booking a coworking space in Singapore to work out of, it might be wise to book one of their meeting or boardrooms.

coworking spaces in Singapore Kowrk
If this guy had to pitch to an investor, he’d probably book a boardroom. Just a hunch.

Commuting can be more expensive than you think

If your coworking space is located in the Central Business District (CBD), driving can be more expensive than you might realize.  Congestion charges/electronic road pricing applies during peak hours so be sure to factor that into your total cost if you plan on driving!

It is common for coworking spaces to use the Hot Desk area as an event area as well

This is a common practice but it is nothing to get too chuffed about. Just make sure to speak to management ahead of time and they will probably work something out for you. After all, you are the customer!

coworking spaces in Singapore Kowrk
They won’t let this happen to you.

Have some different experiences of coworking in Singapore? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Your team does seem to know about coworking for sure. I have been using coworking space in Singapore for past 6 months and can say that I have come across most of the points mentioned in your post. Good article.

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    1. Thanks Henry! We will continue to share latest insights on coworking. Do subscribe to our blog and newsletter and stay updated.

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