Coworking spaces in India (especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore) are multiplying as the #StartupIndia movement is motivating entrepreneurs to establish more startups and businesses. And lets not forget the impact of a constant flurry of businessmen flying in and out. So if you are planning to take up a KoSpace (i.e. coworking space) for your startup or use one during your trip to India, Team Kowrk has some insights to share with you.

1. Tea & coffee everywhere

Just like Wi-Fi, free (or very cheap) tea and coffee is a basic amenity in India and is offered virtually at most of the coworking spaces. Your coworking space probably offers it too!

coworking space India Kowrk
Tea/ Coffee : life n blood of entrepreneurs

2. Finding a place can be a challenge sometimes

Traffic in some places can be a bit of a doozy so make sure you leave your apartment/hotel early. Also, you might have to be content with the fact that not all coworking spaces pin their location accurately on Google Maps (we visited a space whose geo pin was dropped 3 blocks away!).

That means you should keep the KoSpace’s phone number handy so you can call and ask for directions.

coworking space India Kowrk
This isn’t even the right country

3. Stay fit and take the stairs

Not every KoSpace has an elevator so use this is as an opportunity to get fit! If you are unable to do so then it’s always better to call ahead and confirm.

coworking space India Kowrk
This guy always takes the stairs

4. When working, socialize with your coworkers

Indian culture is different from Hong Kong’s. People tend to be much more extroverted and thus, more likely to strike up a pleasant conversation with you while coworking. Also, people tend to pack their own lunches and eat together so the lunch table is a great place to network and make some contacts. So why not make use of that and get your own lunch packed or ordered in? Your future business partner or best friend could be sitting right next to you!

coworking space India Kowrk
I think you should contact Mr Bond for this!

5. Want extra lighting or AC? Just ask!

Natural lighting and ventilation is common, which generally creates a very relaxing work environment. However, if you feel like it might be too stuffy or dark, feel free to say something. Management is usually happy to turn on additional lights and AC.

coworking space India Kowrk
Let there be light and cold!

Have some different experiences of coworking in India? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I also prefer to take stairs, staying fit is more important. And coffee is a must for me, so that’s good.And i am a very socially active person so i like networking with people.
    So coworking space would be helpful and fun for me.

    Type of Visit: I visited for a meeting/event
  2. That just goes with our culture. We indians have no problems in asking for directions from random strangers on the road – we feel more comfortable if those people are the auto or rickshaw drivers.

    Type of Visit: I visited for a meeting/event
    1. So true Ritu! Cultural nuances are encountered in everyday’s life. Coworking spaces are not different too.

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