After visiting close to 100 coworking spaces in four different countries, us folks over here at have developed a pretty keen sense of what to look for in a coworking space and how to navigate the minefield of social etiquette once you choose one. Without further ado, here are 4 things to know of when looking for- and working at – a coworking space in Hong Kong:

1. Keep it down

Most coworking spaces in Hong Kong don’t get too rowdy (during normal working hours at least), so try to keep it down.  The quiet will be appreciated by your fellow KoSpacers (others who share your coworking space) – many of whom could end up providing you with valuable business advice down the road.

2. Make use of the discounted passes for networking events

A good number of Hong Kong’s coworking spaces have incredible networking events, complete with knowledgeable guest speakers and plenty of entrepreneurs looking to make friends and/or business partners.  Most coworking spaces offer either a free or discounted admission for members, so don’t miss the chance to meet potential business partners or investors by skipping your coworking space’s networking events! They’re discounted, after all!

3. For a better deal on a coworking space, look away from the city centers

This may seem obvious to some but trust us- the price difference between a prime piece of real estate in the middle of HK Island vs. one on the Kowloon side would floor you. Even a coworking space just a few blocks from the center of the city would offer a significantly cheaper price. With close to 50 coworking spaces concentrated in just 5 urban areas, wouldn’t it be silly not to shop around for a good deal :-) ?

4. Research dietary options before choosing a work space

What do we mean by this? Hong Kong is an amazing city but it isn’t exactly vegan friendly. So if you’re going to be looking for vegetarian food -or even just healthy options- make sure to browse the area a bit first before choosing to settle down in a coworking space. Otherwise, you might be stuck eating street food (which some of us over at Team Kowrk, find divine) or canned food.

Any other tips for coworking in Hong Kong? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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    That’s really interesting, and I am sure that this will be helpful for my Hong Kong trip. Good to know some important things from this blog.

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    1. Hey Ritu – we would love to hear more about you experience in Hong Kong. If you need any help, do get in touch.

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