Our fourth and final post sharing tips and tricks when coworking in different countries takes us to beautiful Cambodia, where the startup scene is exploding. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working out of a KoSpace there:

Electricity can be iffy

Electricity tends to be unreliable so it’s probably in your best interest to seek out a coworking space that has its’ own generator or power backup. Having the power go out when you have a deadline looming is not an ideal situation to be in.

coworking spaces in Cambodia
Our reaction when the power goes out!

People are very friendly

KoSpaces tend to be a great place to network and make friends and in Cambodia, it is no different. There is usually a friendly environment and that can create a nice, relaxing atmosphere in which you can work confidently and with a clear mind, knowing that cocktails with your fellow entrepreneurs after a long day of work is always a distinct possibility.

coworking spaces in Cambodia

Enjoy the natural light

Natural lighting is a beautiful thing and in many coworking spaces in Cambodia, the buildings are designed to harness a lot of natural light. If you are an entrepreneur that has worked long hours under fluorescent lighting in the previous job, you can truly appreciate what an amazing feature this is. Furthermore, there are many coworking spaces in Cambodia that offer an outdoor seating area which during the “winter” season can be a very pleasant experience.

coworking spaces in Cambodia

Internet can be slow and unreliable- make sure to back everything up!

Your best bet is probably to make 2 copies of everything- one on your hard drive and one on the internet. And hit ‘save’ regularly! That should be enough to clear this particular hurdle.

coworking spaces in Cambodia
Although, this is still an option!

Have some different experiences of coworking in Cambodia? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. who would have thought of electricity issues but to think of it now, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. I guess with all the power backup options, we don’t even think about power cuts.

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    1. Sometimes we do forget to think about basis Tesa. Though these issues are not game changers, it is always good to know about them. And that’s what we aim to do with our articles. Don;t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more such interesting articles.

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