The emergence of coworking spaces in virtually every corner of the world has made it easy for freelancers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and all other new age professionals to work without permanent offices. These individuals can now make use of different coworking spaces without any hindrance, though they have to pay for the day passes which can be a bit heavy on their pockets. There are also those professionals who look for an informal yet productive space and hence search for alternatives to coworking spaces.

As this trend is growing, cafe’s have started seeing regular users working for long hours. Some Cafés welcome users to occupy their premises for an extended time period and use the internet with just one coffee; while others have started encouraging such users to spend more. In all scenarios, café owners lose – either revenue per seat or customer’s goodwill.

Coworking cafes are coming up as an option to cater to needs of specific user segment. These cafes provide a fun yet productive environment to those who are looking for a relaxed work or meeting space with positive café vibes, open and relaxed layout and aroma of food and coffee to enhance productivity. The economical packages for day/week/monthly usages that can be redeemed for food and beverages don’t pinch the pocket. These cafes are great places to network with other regular users who clearly have similar working style.`

Many cafes find it lucrative to offer coworking options to it’s clientele comprising young customers. Daily/weekly/monthly membership that is applicable during off-peak hours, and is fully or partially reimbursable on food & beverage at the café, works well for both users & cafes. Other benefits for the cafes include:

  • Increased revenue: For cafes offering their space as a coworking space translates into assured revenue. People using cafes for coworking tend to spend lesser money than average users though they use the space for longer hours. Buy offering coworking packages, café owners get assured and increased revenue. During their peak hours, they function as a regular café and during their lax hours, they let their premises be used by freelancers and startups as a workspace. Thereby increasing overall average revenue per seat.
  • Repeat business: because of the membership, the user tends to visit the same café. This works great for café’s as they look for guaranteed business, Familiarity with space, people and amenities is good for the productivity of the users too.
  • More publicity: If people enjoy coworking they attract other coworkers at café. Café’s that offer fully reimbursable coworking packages tend to gather more positive reviews.

Offering coworking at a café is not very difficult. Owners need to ensure that wifi is consistent and strong, music volume is moderate and users have charging points to keep their devices going. Some cafes corner off specific areas for their coworking users or use office ergonomics while designing their cafes. To decide the best packages, café owners can contact Team Kowrk who has successfully helped many cafes around the world to adopt coworking.

The growing demand and supply for coworking cafes indicate that this new age work style is here to stay. Coworking is understood to be the future of work and at Kowrk we feel it might just be the coworking cafes that will possibly make this future more interesting and fun filled.

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