Coworking Cafes – Best of both World for Millennials

One always knew that there is a God up there but when cafeterias start innovating and extend facilities as coworking cafes, your belief in divinity gets strengthened. Imagine working in an atmosphere, where the constant aroma of coffee & tea keeps tickling your nostrils, where the buzz of the place is something you can relate with. Won’t you feel that all your wishes have come true? If you are amongst those who enjoy having your cake and eating it too then read on.

The concept of coworking has been revolutionizing for startups and freelancers. Coworking spaces offer professional workspaces at affordable rates. However, one finds that millennials look for an informal yet productive space and that’s where coworking café come into the picture. Many cafes find it lucrative to offer coworking options to its clientele comprising young customers. For these cafes, offering their space as a coworking space translates into assured revenue. During their peak hours they function as a regular café and during their lax hours they let their premises be used by freelancers and startups as a workspace. Since it’s a known fact that coffee and tea stimulates our senses and makes us feel more alert and in many cases alive, this arrangement seems to be a win-win situation for all concerned. Some of the benefits that the millennials, working as freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads derive from this arrangement are:

  • Relaxed environment – It’s all in the vibe of the place. Cafés with music and some noise around keeps the surroundings less formal. The energetic feel at these places is almost palpable.
  • Enhanced productivity – Positive vibes, open and relaxed layout, that aroma of a cafeteria are all your sure shot recipes towards enhanced productivity. A chilled atmosphere can also add to the fun quotient in meetings that can be held there.
  • Economical – Most cafés offer food and beverage redemption against the daily/weekly/monthly pass. Some offer more goodies. For example, Beer Café daily pass is available at for Rs. 399 comes with access to one of the 30 locations, free Wi-Fi access, F&B coupons for the same price and 2 free tea/coffee. So, it doesn’t pinch the pocket and you actually get the best possible deal.
  • Network– As more and more people adopt coworking cafés as their favourite space for working, the chances of meeting those with a similar outlook increases. And, we can’t say it often enough that networking is the best way to move ahead in professional life.

Coworking is understood to be the future of work but at Kowrk we feel it might just be the coworking cafes that will possibly make this future more interesting and fun filled.