“No matter how busy you are, you must take time to help someone else.”
Truly believing in this, team Kowrk has been working to give back to society. In 2017, we had organized talks to spread awareness about Autism. This Diwali, we partnered with Mumbai Dabbawala to collect and distribute used clothes in and around Mumbai.
clothes of happiness mumbai dubbawala Kowrk
Our drive – “Clothes of Happiness” ran over 6 weeks. Team Kowrk worked with coworking spaces in Mumbai and organized donation camps to collect used and usable clothes. Mumbai Dabbawala distributed the clothes to those in need through their KapdaBank Team.
We collected more than 1,000 clothes from people working at coworking spaces and those living around the donation camps. Believe it or not, it was indeed a very challenging project requiring participation and coordination among different groups. We planned multiple collection drives, coordinated with coworking spaces, collected clothes, stored clothes in a temporary warehouse, send them to the Kapdabank team and then finally distributing those around Diwali. It was all a hard work and our team had to work overtime but we all really enjoyed.
We want to thank all the participants who helped us reach our motive of “Helping Others and Spreading Love and Kindness”. We will continue to do such drives in the coming years and hope that we will be able to help many others.
Until then, let’s all remember that “A good deed is the best prayer!”

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