“The evangelist used opium and full stack’s brain surgery to gamify the idea.”

If you understood this sentence without reading it again, then congrats! You have discovered your super power – You have mastered the latest jargon words of the startup world. You can impress any VC for series D funds. You should be the main speaker in the next RISE conference. You should be an advisor to atleast 100 startups…. Well the list of what all you can do with this ‘knowledge’ is endless.

Don’t worry if you are like the rest of 99.99999% folks who couldn’t decipher the statement. If everyone has the same power then it won’t be a super power, right? So to make this game field even, Team Kowrk has selected 8 startup jargon words that are currently used by the superheroes. So read on to become an expert of the startup jargon.


Startup jargon

Evangelist –  Sales representative, business development or marketer. Person in charge.

Opium – OPM, or “other people’s money,” comes in the form of seed and series x investment. It is an incredibly addictive substance to entrepreneurs that’s rarely respected or missed until it dries up.

Cliff – Usually applies to vesting schedules (shares given to employees over time). Cliffs are a way for the CEO to fire employees or let them leave without giving them stock within a limited period of time (usually 1 year).  Cliffs are also used on CEOs by investors to make sure the CEO sticks around after getting the cash.
Brain Surgery Using a lot of critical brain power. Complicated thing / Rocket Science.
Full Stack – Center of excellence aka outsourced engineering team; engineer or programmer who has wide knowledge of technical skills. 
Gamify Our product is boring, so we made it into a game.
Ephemeral Something that disappears. Snapchat usually.
Digital nomad – I don’t work in a cubicle; I just wander the world, work from awesome places with my iPhone and laptop.
So that sentence means that the Business Development team used investor’s money and complex changes made by the engineering teams to create a game from the main idea. 


You have been bestowed with the power to complicate simple things. Use it wisely because with great power comes great responsibilities!!!


If there are other terms that should be added here, leave a comment below.

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