A Recent survey by DeskMag highlighted that one of the most common problems faced by coworking spaces across the globe is attracting new members. The conundrum to reach and attract potential clients is yet to be solved by the incumbent and newbie players of the coworking industry.

An international platform like Kowrk.com is one of the most cost and effort effective ways to get new customers. Exposure to a larger customer segment helps coworking spaces attract local and global new users.

However, there are other ways too. Based on Team Kowrk’s experience of helping various coworking spaces in Asia and Rest of the World, here is a small how to tutorial on 5 ways to attract new customers to coworking space.

Ways to attract new members to coworking space - Kowrk

Community Building

A Coworking space that is known for its strong and thriving community doesn’t face problems in attracting new customers. If your current users have a sense of belongingness to your space, then they are the best source to attract more customers. Users in Asia give more importance to a space with a community than in the rest of the World.  Hence it is more imperative for Asian coworking spaces to create community at their place.

How :  Community building via in-house activities for the members is a great way for them to network and build relations. Casual events like team games, birthday and festival celebrations, free breakfast/drinks etc. bring people together in an informal environment. Seminars on generic topics, current trends, or issues pertaining to the society are another way to bring people together. Different users of the space can share their expertise with others. In summary, look for ways to regularly bring members together to build a strong community at your space.

Events for Potential members

Hosting events to attract new members is a great way to attract potential users and promote your coworking space. This provides brand awareness and exposure towards the right demographic looking for coworking spaces. In Asia, holding events for potential members has a greater impact on attracting new members than the rest of the World.

How : Events are a great way to showcase your space to current and future potential clients.  Get in touch with outside businesses or individuals interested in conducting events. Invite experts on general topics to attract larger attendees e.g. How to prepare elevator pitch, most effective digital marketing strategies for startups, trademarks & IPR for startups. You can also consider events for social awareness causes e.g. Autism awareness (like the one conducted by Team Kowrk), Women empowerment etc.

Remember to use different platforms like email marketing, social media, newsletters and website to promote your event and attract more attendees.

Social and Online Media Activities

Using social and online media activities to attract new member is practiced by almost 4 out of 5 coworking spaces across the globe. Everyone finds information about the prospective spaces on social media platforms.

How : Consider having an attractive online presence – a buzzing website, Facebook page, Instagram and maybe Twitter and LinkedIn account. It is very economical to get a basic but informative website created for your space (Try Fiverr if nothing else works).  Have at least a Facebook page and ask users to check-in and review you. You can post photos of your space, users, events, articles, fun posts etc. to have at least 3-5 posts per week per account.

Website SEO

Every user googles/bings/yahoos you before coming to your coworking space. It is imperative that your potential customers can find you on the search engines. Hence, ensure that if not first then, you are at least present on the first page of search results.

How : There are few basic things that help you on being the top result. Your website needs to be SEO optimized for the keywords that you are aiming for. Your social media profiles also add to your authority on search engines. Make sure you create a local business entity with your address and if possible, reviews at Google.com and others.

Free Trials or Free ‘Coworking days’

Free trial or free coworking days to help new members get a feel for the environment, is another way to get new users. Customers experience the benefits of membership packages and facilities offered. Though this works better in the rest of the World as compare to Asia, getting fresh talent at your coworking space for a day or two will only do good to your space.

How : You can organize free work days for different segments. E.g. for mompreneurs during Mother’s day week, On Saturdays for want-to- be-entrepreneurs etc. Run contests and raffles through your social media channels to give away free day passes.

These are some of the basic but sure shot ways to attract more users to your space. Once you achieve your desired occupancy rate, be sure to test different ways. Do let us know what works or doesn’t work for you. Also, if you did something different that helped you get new users, do share here with other providers of coworking spaces.

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