We all have at least one person in the workplace that makes us want to scream at the top of our voice. The reasons are plenty, though, and they vary from person to person. Team Kowrk conducted a survey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to know about the most annoying habit of a coworker. Well, here are the most common nitty gritty actions done by fellow coworkers that blow our tops off at a coworking space, shared office or any other workplace.

The Hullabaloo’s

And the first position goes to, drumroll please, the noise makers!

  • You get a call, you answer it, and you talk. It’s simple. But some people have the habit of raising their voice as soon as they start talking on the phone. Do they even know the concept of a phone call? Just because the caller is far away, doesn’t mean you have to shout for them to hear you. That was a reason why phones were invented for?
  • Then there’s those nerd with a weird Star Wars ringtone, they think is so cool that when a call comes in, they don’t even feel like answering. Instead leaves it on loud for the whole office to hear. Can someone please tell them that there’s a button to silent the call if they don’t feel like answering?
  • Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring! Okay, we get you’re famous and all, but if your phone rings all the time, maybe you could put it on vibrate mode so the rest of the office doesn’t have to ‘listen’ to your popularity.
  • And then finally, taking calls with your speaker on. Trust us, we know you can multitask and you are involved in a lot of conference calls. But do we need to hear the whole conversation? Have you heard of hands-free sets or just simple earphones? Do you know you can book a meeting room and close the door when taking calls on speaker phone?


Attention Seekers

Here come the runner-ups, the one and only attention hoggers!

  • You don’t have a question? It’s ok. Your marks won’t be deducted, Trust us. Instead of asking irrelevant questions, you can opt to stay quiet and show just how smart you are since you understood every word.
  • Then there are people that start sentences they don’t feel like completing and wait for the others to do so for them. It’s like they are testing if others were listening to them. While they think that it a way to entice participation, most of us interpret it as attention-seeking behavior.
  • And then replying to all recipients in an email when no one is really interested may be except for the sender himself. So please save us the extra email alert and don’t reply-all to each and every email sent on a distribution list.


Sloppy, Careless Folks

And the bronze medal is awarded to the sloppy ones!

  • Untidy desks and leaving trash on the floor or table is not cool. You need to grow up. You’re not a kindergartner who can’t clean up after yourself!
  • Leaving the lights on after exiting a room, doesn’t show much of responsibility either. And neither does over-booking the meeting room so you can work peacefully. Make sure to act like an adult in the office and share the resources – especially if you are working from a coworking space or a shared office.
  • Not using deodorant can spoil the mood of ANY by-passer. Do the workspace a favor and please start using one even if you don’t think you need to.


And this list goes on.  No matter where you’re working, make sure to consider how your actions affect others at the workplace, since you’re not the only one working there.

Is there something else that irritates you? Let us know in the comments below!

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